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Mission Statement

PAVBC is a club that teaches the skills and characteristics required to achieve the highest level of the game, and successfully navigate the avenues that lead to professional, scholastic, and social achievement. We train young athletes to develop a champion's mindset through refined skills training and competition. Taking a holistic approach to athletic development, PAVBC believes that success is a result of finding harmony between one's body and mind, understanding that a total athlete learns to coach themselves, harness their energy for the best output, and take ownership over their learning.  As such, we hire the best coaching staff, many of whom are former and current collegiate athletes that still compete on the local and National level, giving them a unique perspective from inside the volleyball world, allowing them to take a true mentor role with our players.

PAVBC strives to instill the values of teamwork, grit, responsibility, and accountability that are not limited to the volleyball court, but carry through to all aspects of life. While winning is important, we believe that winning is the direct output of hard work, tenacity, and cooperation, and as such we place the highest value on teaching the mindset required to achieve one's goals. Ultimately, we train our players on how to set a goal and create a game plan with actionable steps towards achieving that goal, whether it be learning to serve overhand, making their high school's Varsity or Junior Varsity team or earning an athletic scholarship to a 4-year university.

Overall, PAVBC hopes to grow an authentic love for the game within every one of our athletes. Volleyball is a lifestyle, and we aspire to build players' confidence so they leave the court more well-rounded, with a community of volleyball family that they can always return to and establish relationships that they will have for life.