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By PAVBC, 06/27/17, 11:15PM PDT


The introduction of technology into physical fitness has fundamentally changed how people work out. We track steps taken, calories burned, heart rates, distances, feet climbed, and more. It seems that everyone is wearing a Fitbit or using another fitness tracking technology when they exercise, giving quantifiable information during and after the workout. But when youth athletes train during practice or play in a game, no one tracks data that could improve player performance and prevent injuries.

Fit for 90 aims to change that. Focused on preventing injuries and increasing performance, Fit for 90 is cutting-edge, science-driven technology that coaches can use to optimize the training of youth athletes. Listen in as Dr. John Cone, founder and CEO of Fit for 90, talks with Emily Cohen about bridging the worlds of science and sport.  Listen to the Podcast here!