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"An American Stands on the Shoulders of a Gladiator"

By PAVBC, 10/03/16, 2:15PM PDT


Team USA - Carli Lloyd

"RIO DE JANEIRO — About the same time that the future United States Olympic volleyball player Carli Lloyd was born 27 years ago, her uncle was discovered by a talent scout in a Southern California gym.
Galen Tomlinson was invited to try out for a new show called “American Gladiators” for a chance to be one of the beefed-up, spandex-clad superheroes, taking on mortal contestants in an imaginative series of physical contests.
Tomlinson won a role. He was rechristened Turbo and became a cult hero. But the bravest role he played was far off camera: stepping in to help raise Lloyd and mold her into an Olympic athlete..." to continue this article please click below!